Project Engineer

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B.S. Degree in Engineering (chemical, mechanical or related field). A minimum of five years of experience in a Chemical or petrochemical plant in the engineering field is required.
Provides the Engineering design, controls procurement, and coordinates construction of expense and capital projects assigned to meet the requirements of cost, schedule and scope. Gives problem-solving consultation as requested, assists in the development of Engineering personnel and develops Engineering procedures in order to ensure optimum Engineering support for plant facilities. Participates in the application of new technology and materials to existing processes, so as to increase overall production and/or maintenance efficiency.
Develops the general plan for a project, prepares a budget estimate, and obtains approval for the plan.
Provides a detailed mechanical design in accordance with good Engineering and safety practices, governmental regulation, plant specifications, applicable codes and underwriter requirements. Designs instrumentation systems and associated equipment, makes inquiries on and selects equipment. Coordinates the activities of consulting firms when necessary.
Initiates procurement of materials and communicates with Purchasing, vendors and stores to control expediting and receiving of material.
Directs designers, checks drawings and submits for approval.
Prepares work descriptions and specifications; issues requisitions for Purchasing to collect bids. Reviews and gives comments on Engineering Bid Comparisons and submits for approval.
Coordinates field installation, inspects and accepts work. Prepares contractors information list and reviews it periodically to check the performance of each contractor.
Prepares project status and construction progress and cost reports on a weekly, monthly and annual basis.
Collects and distributes Engineering data and instructions for each specific project, communicates with Maintenance and Production to acquire design feedback from experience on previously installed equipment and material.
Assists in the development of Engineering personnel, recommends seminars and other technical training programs that might aid in the development of Engineers, consults with and provides guidance for beginning Engineers.
Consults with other Engineering personnel and vendors and reviews trade journals and other professional publications in order to stay informed on materials, equipment and design methods.
Performs special projects as assigned; i.e., obtaining regulatory information, sharing information on common industrial topics with local industry, provides information to underwriters on testing requirements and procedures, enlisting consulting services and other coordination activities as required to assure effective Engineering service.
Provide required engineering services and technical knowledge for the application of new or different processes, equipment, and materials to existing production units to improve production rates, quality, lower production cost, or to improve equipment reliability.
Participates in rotating On-call duties for the site, as plant experience is obtained and assessed to be adequate by supervision. Is available after hours by phone (or otherwise) for consultation and/or possible call-out for plant problems or emergencies.

Don't Be Fooled

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