Network Planning and Security Analyst

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Network Planning and Security Analyst
POSITION SUMMARY: The Network Planning and Security Analyst is tasked with insuring that networks and interconnectivity equipment are functioning properly, takes a proactive approach to identify and correct impending network traffic bottlenecks, equipment deficiencies and equipment malfunctions, schedules and performs network preventative maintenance activity and keeps a log of such activity. Evaluate, coordinate, implement and participates with installation of networks, servers, interconnectivity equipment and cabling, and may be called upon to install workstations and peripheral devices as required.
Maintains IS security policies for the system thru direction of the IS Support Manager and CIO.
Insures network security is ample and develops and enforces IT security policies including policies regarding internet activity.
Makes recommendations to the IS Support Manager regarding network resources that are required to assist the IS Support Manager in developing departmental budgets as related to network administration.
Implements, coordinates, and monitors network management software, network backup software, and virus protection software.
Coordinates and participates in regularly scheduled preventative maintenance on all network infrastructure and interconnectivity with both internal and external sources. He/she is expected to maintain an accurate log of all inventory, maintenance, repairs or replacement of network and interconnectivity equipment. Controls and administers all Internet Protocol Addresses. Maintains an accurate inventory of all software installed on network servers and assures compliance with U.S. copyright laws. Will delegate tasks to PC Technician when appropriate.
Bachelor's degree in computer science, networking technologies, or related field is preferred. Equivalent job experience will be considered. Certified Network Engineer or equivalent certificate preferred.
Three to five years related work experience in a multi-platform, corporate LAN/WAN.

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